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This week, we will talk about the SAR Value, which is an issue that should be considered while you’re buying a phone, and how / why we should pay attention to it when buying a phone.  As it is known, all mobile devices emit radiation up to a certain extent while being used, and changes in devices due to technological developments also effect this radiation rate. As we think about features when buying a device, it is useful to learn the SAR Value by taking into account our health, as well as its appearance, size and we aimed to give general information about the SAR Value in order to raise awareness. 

To briefly talk about what the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR, is, the SAR Value is the rate at which the radiation emitted from a mobile device is absorbed by the user.  This absorption is carried out by your body at different rates, even when the phone is in your pocket, actively using the phone, or even standing in a corner of the room. Here is the scientific expalanation of SAR Value.

When you search for the SAR Value before buying a phone, the value you will see is determined by the telephone company and indicates the radiation rate emitted by the device at its maximum performance. It is also useful to consider that most of the time a device does not show its maximum performance, so the value may be less than what is given. Here is the SAR Value List of phones.

It is not possible to measure the SAR Value at home after you get the phone, but the SAR Value data published by certain world-renowned institutions are accepted by most of the institutions and individuals. It is possible to learn the SAR Value before you buy your phone with a little research on the internet.

Well, if you ask how much the suitable SAR Value for a smartphone, there are two different answers given by two institutions.  The Council of the European Union puts the rate at 2.0 K/kg, while the US Government Federal Communications Commission claims the ideal value is 1.60 W/kg. This difference is the different approaches of both institutions in calculating radiation per gram.

Of course, no device exceeding these values ​​can be offered for sale, and as we mentioned earlier in our article, no device we purchase emits such radiation during its lifetime. Nevertheless, we should give importance to examine these values for our health before we buy the phone.

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