How To Use YouTube Effectively

We all know that YouTube is among one of the most popular and used apps. YouTube’s general features are known by many of us, but what about the unknown features of YouTube? Can we use Youtube effectively? As Senyorapp, we will be educating you on how to use YouTube more effectively because that’s how we roll. 😉

1. Youtube Tricks – Start watching your videos in HD quality

When you watch a video on YouTube, the system automatically selects the quality suitable for your connection speed. It is possible to change these settings in YouTube’s playback settings. At here you can choose to automatically start videos in full screen in HD quality. Apart from that, you can also change the subtitle and advertisement settings from the playback settings.

2. YouTube Tricks-Learn Shortcuts

It is possible to navigate YouTube faster with shortcuts. Some shortcuts are as follows:

Spacebar: Pause and start videos.

Arrow keys: Fast-forward/rewind the video.

Numbers: Go to specific parts of the video. Example: The ‘’3’’ key goes to 30% of the video.

Zero: Goes to the beginning of the video.

Tab key: Allows you to navigate the submenu of the video.

Home/End keys: Allows you to go to the beginning/end of the video.

Are the first few minutes of a funny video that you want to send to a friend pointless?Like this ! Then you just need to set the start time from the sharing section. In this way, the person who clicks on the prepared link will start watching the video directly from the moment you specify.

4. Skip the first 30% of the video

A proverb says that ‘’the first 30% of every video is just BS.’’ Of course, it is not for us to decide such a thing, but if you agree with this view, all you have to do is add the command &wadsworth=1 to the end of the YouTube link. Let’s try on this link. This way, you automatically skip the first 30% of the video.

Every good thing has an ending Senior! This is the end of the blog, but if you want to read more, you can click here!