Technology is freedom not a barrier!

We set out to provide this freedom! So that you can use technology freely with instant training and support!


Technology is developing faster than human development and we have difficulties in adapting to it as humanity. These difficulties we experience negatively affect our digital transformation process. Unfortunately, this situation also causes a social problem such as generational conflict. More importantly, all humanity has seen during the pandemic process that we cannot provide immediate support to our relatives even if we wanted to. We believe it doesn't have to be like that! Everyone should be able to follow technology and feel the ease it provides in their life. We believe that this freedom should be for everyone!

For this reason, we offer our platform that will provide freedom and convenience. This platform will help seniors to solve their problems instantly and provide support whenever they want, wherever they want, as much as they want. Assistance to seniors is not our only aim to accomplish. We provide seniors to community, classes seniors can attend to increase their knowledge and learn new hobbies.

Now, while sending pocket money to your grandchildren, you will be able to handle this work freely from your home without having to go to the bank! You can get support on our platform for the video call you will make with your relatives, as well as the beautiful photo you will share on social media! Technology for everyone!

How It Works


First, download the app, then write what you want to learn and watch FREE contents which are created just for your device! These contents are designed by our experts just for you!

Take Support & Classes

Subscribe, and take live support from our experts! Enjoy the face to face support. You can take your support both with message and video call. Our trustworthy experts are always with you. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want! There is not just tech support here, countless trainings are available to increase your knowledge. You can choose classes you want and enjoy the new discoverings. Remember! Learning is the key for keeping your mind alive!

Enjoy Technology!

Thanks to your subscription, technology is always with you. A great number of training,advantages and discounts are waiting for you!




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Course contents prepared by our experts, which can be accessed at any time.


Free Technological Support Contents

You can freely access to technological support contents which are sophisticated especially for your devices.

Booklets for Devices

Senyorapp is with you even when you cannot access the internet! Carry technology support with you at all times by purchasing booklets created specifically for your device.

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