SAR Value

SAR VALUE Hello Senior!  This week, we will talk about the SAR Value, which is an issue that should be considered while you’re buying a phone, and how / why we should pay attention to it when buying a phone.  As it is known, all mobile devices emit radiation up to a certain extent while

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How to Use YouTube Effectively

How To Use YouTube Effectively We all know that YouTube is among one of the most popular and used apps. YouTube’s general features are known by many of us, but what about the unknown features of YouTube? Can we use Youtube effectively? As Senyorapp, we will be educating you on how to use YouTube more

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cheerful elderly man listening to music in headphones

3 Best Free Music Apps

3 Best Free Music Apps Hey Senior! If you’re a music lover and want millions of songs in the palm of your hand, use a music streaming app to listen to your tunes just about anywhere. So which streaming music service is best for you? Don’t worry! Senyorapp compiled for you a list of the

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5 Free Health and Fitness Apps to Use at Home

5 Free Health and Fitness Apps to Use at Home The whole world is locked down due to the coronavirus. Well, we need to make good use of our time these days when we are in quarantine at home. The coronavirus has caused extraordinary measures to be taken in all countries around the world. Millions

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10 Best WhatsApp Features You Should Know

10 Best WhatsApp Features You Should Know Hi Senyor! Looking for ways to get more from WhatsApp on your Android phone or iPhone? We got your back! For example, a new setting was recently introduced that will automatically delete your messages after a week. It’s a Snapchat-like feature, sure, but who says it’s not welcome

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