SAR Value

SAR VALUE Hello Senior!  This week, we will talk about the SAR Value, which is an issue that should be considered while you’re buying a phone, and how / why we should pay attention to it when buying a phone.  As it is known, all mobile devices emit radiation up to a certain extent while

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3 Best Free Music Apps

3 Best Free Music Apps Hey Senior! If you’re a music lover and want millions of songs in the palm of your hand, use a music streaming app to listen to your tunes just about anywhere. So which streaming music service is best for you? Don’t worry! Senyorapp compiled for you a list of the

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Best 5 Shopping Sites

Best 5 Shopping Sites Hey Senyor! Online shopping is boomed in the last couple of years and this craze of shopping makes us buy more and more. But don’t worry, we have listed the shopping sites that will boost your purchasing pleasure and good news is you will save you time by choosing the best

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Soğuyan Havalarda İçimizi Isıtacak Çay Tarifleri

Soğuyan Havalarda İçimizi Isıtacak Çay Tarifleri Selam Senyor! Ekim ayının ortalarına yaklaşmışken havaların giderek soğuduğunu ve sonbaharı karşılamaya başladığımızı hepiniz fark etmişsinizdir. Sararan yapraklar, artık ılık esmeyen ve ceketimizin önünü iliklememize sebep olan soğuk rüzgar, bahçelerde ve parklarda oturmalardan iç mekanlara dönüş ve tabii ki soğuk ve buzlu içeceklerden sıcak içeceklere dönüş. Mevsim geçişlerinde yaşanan

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Tea Recipes to Warm You Up

Tea Recipes to Warm You Up Hi Senyor! As we approach the middle of October, you must have noticed that the weather is getting colder and we are starting to welcome autumn. The yellowing leaves, the cold wind that no longer blows warm and makes us button the front of our jackets, the return from

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