Best Comedy Series Before Millennium

Hey Senyor! You may miss the old tv series before millenium, before the internet evolution. If you miss the series, this content is for you. We have started with comedies because laughing feels you better! Hold tight your phone!

Seinfeld (1989)

Seinfeld can be considered the ancestor of the TV series  How I Met Your Mother and Friends. This sitcom series about the funny incidents of the neighbors consists of exactly 9 Seasons and 180 episodes.

The only thing you need to pay attention to while watching Seinfeld is that your laughter does not disturb the neighbors 🙂

 How can you watch Seinfeld?

After September 2021,  you can reach all episodes of Seinfeld on Netflix! Do not worry about how you can reach Netflix, we can help you!

You Can’t Do That on Television (1979)

This is a family  comedy, you probably remember! You were probably watching it when you were growing! YCDTOT firstly was aired on Canada 1979-1980 as long versions (60 minutes). In 1981, it was aired in the United States with  short versions (30 min) till 1990. 

It may help your children and grandchildren to explain how  was the 80’s life.

How can you watch ?

It is totally free! You can watch on Youtube!

 Full House (1987)

We can say that the sweet family series set in San Francisco has been capturing fans all over the world for years. The effort of 3 crazy men to take care of the children who lost their mother creates a warm feeling in all of us. 

The new episodes were shot in 2016 as Fuller House, and the old episodes are just as good.

How can you watch ?

It is available on Netflix. You can reach Full House and Fuller House on Netflix!

Get a Life (1990)

‘’30-year-old paperboy named Chris Peterson. Peterson lived in an apartment above his parents’ garage’’. Just this sentence is enough to understand how this series is funny. It lasts after two seasons but these two seasons will laugh you enough!

How can you watch ?

It is totally free! You can watch on Youtube!

Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1969)

Cult and surreal, British comedy series consisting of 45 episodes in total. The legendary series that aired between 69-74. In each episode, there are sketches that are related to fiction but unrelated as a subject. Jokes, screenplays, dialogues, cartoons and acting are unbelievably high quality.

How can you watch ?

You can watch on Dailymotion for free. Also, You can watch on Netflix with better quality!