5 Yoga and Pilates Accounts That Will Make You Restful

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As we all know, the coming of the Covid-19 Pandemic changed most of our habits, even daily ones. We stay away from our friends, coffees, and restaurants, and also gyms. Changes of this period gave us new practices such as exercising at home. But, it’s a bit difficult to do this without a trainer. We have compiled the best Instagram fitness trainers for you this week to not fall behind in your sport.

photo of woman doing yoga
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Lotta Sebzda is a 55-year-old grandmother with a high fitness level. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 20 years. Her posts on Instagram include instructional videos and photo slides. You can also follow her Instagram Lives to pursue her practice in real-time. You can also follow her YouTube account.


@Yoga_mami’s angle is creating a balance between motherhood and yoga. Josephine Jacob a.k.a @Yoga_mami practices her yoga with her whole family. She includes her husband, children in her yoga practices. Her posts are both funny and instructional.

woman in red shirt sitting on fitness equipment
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woman practicing yoga
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Sean Phelps has been practicing yoga daily for 12 years. He has free content in his Instagram account, and also he gives Instagram Live classes from time to time. His posts are motivational and instructive.


Karen shows us the positive aspects of aging. She gives healthy life and skincare tricks and posts fitness workouts. She also is a yoga teacher and posts motivational lifestyle content.


Jessamyn Stanley’s Instagram account is filled with body positivity, inspiration, and yoga. As a body positivity activist, she doesn’t care how you look when doing your yoga exercise. She stands for how yoga makes you feel. She posts very motivating content, and yoga poses on her Instagram account.

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