5 Free Websites to Find Audible Book in English

Audiobooks are an ideal solution for people who love literature but are too busy to read.
In these days, you can get a lot of English audiobooks for free. Audiobooks allow you to listen to a “real talk”. Today we are going to tell you about 8 free websites where you can find English audiobooks.
There are tons of websites where you can find audiobooks, but most of them are not free.
We’ve selected a few accessible sources that we think are the best. You can listen to or download English audiobooks online from these sites. As a result, you can listen to English audiobooks utterly free of charge thanks to one of the sources we have listed below ☺

You can really find everything on this great online source: from Aesop’s fables to Shakespeare’s plays, from Kipling’s stories to Dickens’ novels.
The OpenCulture site is full of English audiobooks, not just plain text. Here you can find poems in English and even scientific publications.

2. Books should be Free

This site impressed us a lot. We are also in favor of making the books available on the internet widely available and free. The site is beautifully designed and has a surprising number of audiobook copies of literary classics. You can listen to Freud, Kafka and even Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy on this site.
We strongly recommend using such sites. Believe us, it’s delightful! The books are divided into chapters and can be downloaded without the need to create an account.

Such an excellent site! It offers over 42,000 free eBooks, although not all of them have audiobook versions! If you want to dub a book in English, also check LibriVox. You can listen to the books dubbed by volunteers from all over the world here as well.

This site is not just for children; adults will also have a good time, maybe with their grandchildren☺ You can find The Chronicles of Narnia, Robinson Crusoe, The Black Pearl, and many other books here. Go to the “FreeStuff” section, download, and listen! People who like to listen to the speeches of famous people will also find exciting things here.

You can find books in 30 different languages, including English, on this completely free site. You can access and listen to more than 7 thousand books, from children’s books to the Best Seller series, and download the files. Loyal Books makes it fun for you to listen to the book.