3 Best Free Music Apps

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If you’re a music lover and want millions of songs in the palm of your hand, use a music streaming app to listen to your tunes just about anywhere. So which streaming music service is best for you? Don’t worry! Senyorapp compiled for you a list of the best music apps to help you enjoy your personal music library, discover new artists, identify songs, listen to streaming music, and find radio stations near you. There are also free versions of apps, and compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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1- Spotify

If you say “I do make the most creative playlist”, Spotify is for you! Because there’s plenty of songs you might like; decent sound quality, around 90 million songs, offline listening, podcasts, new features arriving daily and works on almost any device imaginable. Spotify is an awesome music app that lets you follow your favorite artists. You can view top lists and new releases of your favorite artists, and playlists made by others. The basic version is free. You will have to put up with ads if you don’t want to pay and you will also have to listen to most playlists on shuffle mode but you can try the premium features for free for 30 days.

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2- SoundCloud

Seniors who love to listen to young talents, SoundCloud is for you! SoundCloud contains tons of audio uploaded by other users, including homemade audio and music from up-and-coming artists. You can create playlists on your device to create a customized stream of your favorite music and share the playlists with others. Moreover SoundCloud lets you record and upload your beautiful voiced audio. If you create a user account, you can have access to your saved songs and other data from both the app and the website. An account and subscription to SoundCloud get you high-quality audio, ad-free and offline listening.

3- Youtube Music

If you are looking for something that recognizes you and creates playlists for your favorites, you can try Youtube Music! YouTube Music can build a playlist based on the music you like. Its powerful recommendation engine adapts seamlessly to offer songs and content according to what you played before, where you are, and what you’re doing. Its smart search function helps you to find songs even when you don’t know the title. And, just like Spotify, it offers a free tier. Sure, there are adverts, but not as many as you would fear. You can enjoy excellent lyric-based search options, collaborative playlists, and the ability to switch between audio and video at will!

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Shazam is a cool app when you don’t know the name of a song you heard in a store, during a movie, or in your car. You can identify songs with one tap dear Seniors! Shazam listens to a song that’s played and tells you the name of the song and the artist. You can share your discovery, watch a music video of it on YouTube, and play it on Spotify. 

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