5 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Hungry and Cook Better

Instagram is a platform that we use and consume frequently. For some of you, it can even be the best app ever! Especially if you are one of those, who are fond of visuality. There are a bunch of accounts that constantly share pics and videos. But if you are a foodie just like we are, here are some suggestions to feed your eye and hunger! Do you need more? Then we promise you will be better at cooking upon following these accounts. Be sure to let us know about your unique journey because we know this content is what you have been looking for!

Is the name Georgina Hayden familiar? What about Jamie Oliver? Well, from now on, it should be because she is a cookbook author and was Jamie’s sidekick for such a long time! She comes from a Cypriot root and has embraced it by writing a book based on Cypriot cuisine. How exciting! If you are looking for various cuisines to try and cook at home, you should definitely give Georgina a chance. You will find a variety of foods from loukoumades to halloumi and even some great tricks to make the perfect dish. Good luck already!

This account right here is talking assertively! Do you know what it says on their bio? Let us put it in here: ‘’Instagram filters MAY have made you a photographer, but our recipes will DEFINITELY make you a chef.’’ Well, what is there to say? 1.3 million people agree with it, and we couldn’t agree more, Senyor. Their recipes are so detailed that it is almost impossible to not do the exact same dish. Everything is so crystal clear we couldn’t believe it. And the visuals! Their videos and photos are beyond savory! Mojitos, pastry, burgers and so many more. The moment we discovered this page, we hit the follow button without any hesitation. Why don’t you do the same? Be prepared to explore yourself as a beginner chef!

This one goes to the plant based Senyors, or for those of you who’d like to make a change in their lives and go vegan (the target audience is huge here). Veganbowls welcomes you with lots of delicious and healthy vegan recipes which are affordable and not time consuming. You can also visit their website veganbowls.com and get recipes, cookbooks, and even more. In contrast to popular opinion, you wouldn’t starve if you stopped eating meat. Actually, it is even better to lessen the consumption of meat and add more fruit and vegetables to your diet for the sake of your health and animals, of course! You will find different vegan recipe accounts thanks to Veganbowls because they also share lots of plant friendly accounts! Don’t forget to tell us about your journey after you try at least one vegan meal!

Is it Monday today? We have a hunch that you want to start your week by being healthier. Then we have the perfect match for you. As you know being healthier means eating more healthily, then doing more exercise and having a relatively active day. 80% of what you need to do is eating the right food! And guess who is sharing the perfect recipes for you to reach that goal? Yes, it’s fithealthyrecipes. You’ll go WOW as you swipe down on their page. Been there, done that.

Now you can even eat a scoop of ice cream without even thinking twice because you’ll make it with bananas, some pieces of melon, etc. The only word we can think of right now is YUMMY. Yes, it wasn’t a surprise for us, either. We are sure you will feel better and healthier after trying these dishes. We are sure your household will also loooove them. Just think of what you are munching on right now and visit the page, we know you’ll find the perfect food for your tummy and it won’t sit heavy on your stomach this time!


Tiffy is so far our favorite. Do you know why? Because we are lazy and she shares easy recipes. Other than being a great chef, she is also great with editing her videos. You see a pattern on her account and it appeals to the eye. She knows how to roll, go girl! At first we thought, ‘’Nothing ever seems easy here.’’ But then, as we checked the recipes, we found out that the dishes can be made with a couple of ingredients that you can always find in your fridge and we sticked to those recipes! So, if you are as lazy as we are, Tiffy is waiting for you with her delicious, juicy and dreamy recipes.